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We have partnered with Cochran Dickie to offer a range of services to our members including the preparation of Powers of Attorney and Wills. Cochran Dickie continually provide a personal and direct service to both private and commercial clients for over 150 years.

Powers of Attorney

In the event of you losing the ability to manage your personal affairs a family member or solicitor is not necessarily able to act on your behalf. A Power of Attorney is a document that is prepared and signed by you which confirms who you wish to deal with the management of your welfare and/or financial matters if you are not able to continue to do so. The appointed person can be a family member, a trusted friend or in certain circumstances a solicitor. A Power of Attorney provides peace of mind that in the future, should the need arise, your affairs can be dealt with without the need for your family or friends to raise lengthy and costly Court proceedings.


The preparation of a Will provides reassurance that upon your death your property will be passed to those you wish to receive it. You can provide specific legacies to family and/or friends which can help to avoid any misunderstanding as to your wishes in the event of your death.

Cochran Dickie would be pleased to assist members of Spinal Injuries Scotland with the preparation of both Powers of Attorneys and Wills and offer a reduced fee for the preparation of these documents.


1. I already have a Will so why do I need a Power of Attorney too?

A Will confirms what you wish to happen to your estate upon your death. It does not allow anyone to act on your behalf while you are alive. A Power of Attorney grants powers to the person (or persons) you name to act on your behalf in certain circumstances during your lifetime. The Power of Attorney comes to an end upon your death.

2. Other charities offer a free will writing service, what is the advantage of paying the discounted rate?

Many institutions offer free Will writing services. We believe that a Will is a very important document that should be drafted after taking advice from specialist solicitors and not simply a “tick box” exercise. Suitably experienced solicitors will be able to assist you in considering the wider picture of your Will, including ownership of your home, tax considerations, implications for residential care costs and the rights of family members concerning your estate.

The law of Scotland is very different from the law of England where many of the other charities are based, by using solicitors who know Scottish law you reduce the chances of any unforeseen consequences. 

3. What does Spinal Injuries Scotland get out of it?

Absolutely nothing! We've decided to pass any benefit we would have received onto our members at a reduced rate.

If you wish to take advantage of this service please click on the button below and someone will contact you.

Will Writing & POA Service