Information about Driving

For many people, using transport or being able to drive after a Spinal Cord Injury can be a daunting thought. However, the freedom of a car is more of an essential than a luxury for most wheelchair users and walkers.

Please click HERE for the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about driving with an SCI.

Through your free membership at Spinal Injuries Scotland, we can carry out a Welfare Check and help apply for the PIP/Adult Disability Payment, in Scotland. This will give you the choice to use your payment to buy or lease a car privately or through the Motability Scheme (depending on the level of support that has been awarded). If you’re not too sure, please contact the charity for a Welfare Check or for any further information.

Through The Motability Scheme, you will be offered a package that will include the car, insurance, you automatically get breakdown cover from one of the major breakdown organisations servicing and maintenance to mention a few benefits. Please contact Motability or the Charity for more information.


Ray, Aberdeen - C5, C6

Driving from his wheelchair in a Wheelchair Adapted Vehicle (WAV), through the Motability Scheme. His van has a ramp at the side, so he can get his Powerchair and into the position where it's secured into place.  Also with the use of hand controls, Ray is able to drive his car from his chair securely. 

"In 2004 I was left paralysed from the neck down and thought I would never be able to drive again. I failed my driving assessment at the Astley Ainslie hospital in Edinburgh and resigned myself to a passenger upfront vehicle. Being driven around was not my idea of independence.

 So in 2010 after having two rear entry vehicles through the Motability scheme and always having to rely on someone having to drive me around everywhere, I decided to have another driving assessment as I heard they had a vehicle I could access easily. I’m pleased to say that I passed my assessment and I’ve now been driving my Motability vehicle for ten years now. I’m in the process of ordering my next one.

The independence this has brought me is beyond words as I go shopping on my own, visit friends, work and have managed to pretty much travel around Scotland. 

I would encourage everyone with a disability who qualifies for a Motability vehicle to do so."