I was a passenger in a car being driven by my friend. We were at a roundabout and my friend crashed into the car in front of us. I think she was so busy texting me a story about someone from her work that she wasn’t paying attention to what was happening on the road ahead of her. I hurt my neck and back in the accident. I had not thought about making a claim for compensation, but I then got a phone call from my friend’s insurance company telling me that they will appoint and pay for a solicitor to make a claim for me. But I can’t get my head around why this insurance company is trying to get me to make a claim when they would be paying the compensation. Can you explain it to me?


I can understand why you ask that question. Most people feel uncomfortable at the thought of the person who is ultimately going to pay the compensation appointing a solicitor on your behalf. A lot of drivers have legal Expenses Insurance as part of their motor insurance policy, although most people do not know that this section of the policy also covers passengers in the car. It is a matter for each person to choose whether they perceive a conflict of interest arising when the person you are claiming compensation from also appoints your solicitor.