My daughter has suffered a severe injury which affects her arms and wrists. She cannot write. She has been unable to sign her name. While she is in hospital, I am trying to deal with her finances for her, but she can’t sign anything to confirm that I have her authority to deal with her bank account or pay her bills for her. Is there anything I can do so that I can deal with her affairs for her?


It would be worthwhile having your daughter grant Power of Attorney to you or any other person that she trusts. Power of Attorney is an authority given by an individual to another person to deal with their affairs on their behalf. This could relate to financial affairs and/or personal/welfare matters. Because your daughter will be unable to sign the documents granting Power of Attorney, it may be possible to have a solicitor who is also a Notary Public notarise the documents on her behalf, so that she does not have to sign anything.

More information on Power of Attorney can be found on the Office of Public Guardian (Scotland) website at