My husband was knocked down by a car about five weeks ago when he was on a works night out. He has been in a coma in hospital since the accident. Our child benefit and child tax credit were paid into his bank account. His employers are continuing to pay his wages into his bank account. I have my own separate bank account. I have not been able to go to work as I am visiting him in hospital each day. My employers are paying me statutory sick pay at the moment. I’m in financial dire straits. I’m making applications for the benefits to be paid into my bank account instead, but it will take weeks to get sorted out. We have biffs to pay and I’m trying to make ends meet from my SSP. I went to the bank to explain the situation, but they have been no help at all. Is there anything I can do about this?


This is not an uncommon problem, I’m afraid. The Office of Public Guardian operates an Access to Funds Scheme which allows a person to access funds of an incapable adult It is used as a temporary measure and would allow you to pay day-to-day living expenses, including utility bills. More information on this Scheme can be found on the Office of Public Guardian website: