Joanna at Airyhillock Woods with SIS member Annie Sturgeon

Where the festive ambiance meets charitable endeavor

We would like to express our most grateful thanks to Spinal Injuries Scotland volunteer Joanna Robertson.

Joanna has done so much for the charity this year including the Aberdeen Kiltwalk back in June, then the 2023 Scottish Half Marathon in September.

For Christmas this year, along with her parents David & Cathy Robertson, Joanna organized an amazingly festive way to raise funds for Spinal Injuries Scotland. Selling Christmas trees from their family woodland, Airyhillock Wood in Oldmeldrum.

The Christmas tree is a symbol of tradition and togetherness during the holiday season. Families gather around to decorate their trees, creating memories that last a lifetime. Many people prefer the authentic experience of selecting and cutting down their own tree, and this is where the Robertsons stepped in to provide a unique and charitable opportunity.


David Robertson with trusty chainsaw.

The 3 day event raised an incredible £330 and as well as fundraising for the charity, by allowing families to choose and cut their own perfect Christmas tree, the weekend become a festive gathering that united the community and became a memorable experience. After all, this time of year is all about the warmth and generosity that the holiday season inspires.

We were delighted that some of the folk that had purchased the trees have posted up photos of their magical festive creations, putting us in the mood for log fires and a cheeky mince pie!


Annie Sturgeon's Tree                            Rebecca Easton's Tree                                       Danny Gordon's Tree

Thank you, so much, to the Robertsons for this wonderful gesture!!