Greg has been an invaluable part of our team for over two years. He looks after all our members in the Inverness area; organises events (pre-Covid of course); provides Peer Support and hosts online Zoom meets.

Gregs story

Before my injury, I was living in Poland where I worked as a physiotherapist in a neurological ward, where I helped those with neurological conditions including those affected by SCI’s to progress in their rehab. 

In 2005 I moved to Scotland where I started working as a Care Assistant for the elderly. I worked in this position for over 10 years until I had my accident in 2017 when my bicycle collided with a lorry.

Before my injury, I was very interested in sports including squash and bicycle racing and even took part in Etape Loch Ness. After my injury, it seemed that I would never get to enjoy these things ever again and I remember feeling quite hopeless about life.

What I’ve done since my injury

I am currently beginning to learn to drive so that I can gain better independence, although I don’t mind travelling by public transport and regularly get the train from Inverness to Glasgow.

After my accident, I was transferred from Inverness down to the Spinal Unit in Glasgow where I met the Spinal injuries Scotland peer support team. They helped me through the different stages of my recovery.

While I was in the unit I attended the summer BBQ at Castle Semple as a patient, here I was given the opportunity and the confidence to try different activities which I never thought I would do when I was first injured.

When I left the hospital I quickly realised that I needed more support. I had no willpower to do anything and I was struggling with my health problems and chronic pain. My family did not understand what I was going through, and they were pushing me to do things I wasn’t ready to do. During one of my outreach clinic appointments, I reconnected with the Peer Support team that travelled up to Inverness with the Spinal Cord Injury medical team and reassured me that help and support were available.


Why I wanted to be involved with Spinal Injuries Scotland and hope to achieve in my role

After seeing firsthand the fantastic work that the Charity does and being on the receiving end of the support that they offer I just wanted to be part of the team. Working for Spinal Injuries Scotland has given me a second chance at getting my life back by helping others who are facing some of the same challenges that I did.