Our member Annie Sturgeon has started a shared reading group on Zoom for our members.

Sessions last an hour to an hour, once a month.

"The sessions are free and you can come and go as you please (they won't be in a series so it wouldn't matter if you miss any), each session would stand alone and you'd book your free space through Eventbrite. We would read and comment on linked poems, short stories or extracts. There's no homework! We can take turns to read aloud but there's no obligation. Open Book usually chooses the theme and I'll find the pieces we'll read, OB suggest some as well. I think it could be an interesting focus for a zoom meet that has nothing to do with SCI but adds another dimension to our wonderful zoom connection."

Contact Annie via email: [email protected] for more information and to sign up.

See www.openbookreading.com for more information on what they do