Laura Torrance from Spinal Injuries Scotland, attended once again the annual Safe Drive Stay Alive (SDSA) set of theatre shows, once again held at the MacRoberts Arts Theatre in Stirling.

SDSA is a Road Safety show aimed at 4th-6th year pupils and is delivered to all High School pupils across Stirling, Clackmannanshire and Falkirk areas, with just under 4000 attending over the 4 days the event was held this year.

A real RTC incident is shown on screen, with actual attending emergency services personnel going on stage to discuss and inform the audience of their role in the incident, putting across vividly what they actually did at the incident and in the case of the attending Police officer explaining how he let the family members know that their young person was killed in this collision.

After the film has played out, we have invite those who have real life experience of RTC' s and their devastating effect on their lives to go on stage and discuss how it affected them and how it continues to do so, this is where Laura from Spinal Injuries Scotland takes to the stage to give her story and how it affects her whole life and her families life.


Laura's softly spoken testimony and the emotion she still carries about her accident has a tremendous effect on the young people in attendance, with some in tears as they listen.

Laura is a hugely valuable addition to the SDSA project and her life story carries so much weight with the young people in attendance, we firmly believe that her attending has made those listening better, safer and more responsible drivers. 

Her skill and dedication to Spinal Injuries Scotland comes across through her talk and the empathy she has and gets from the audience cannot be valued highly enough. Laura is a valued member of the SDSA team.