Safe Drive, Stay Alive

At the beginning of February our Peer Support Co-Ordinator, Laura Torrance, hit the road to The University of Stirling to give several days of speeches to over 4400 young people from high schools from across Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannan in aid of Safe Drive, Stay Alive.

 Safe Drive Stay Alive is a road safety show which delivers hard hitting, thought provoking messages to its audience. The overall aim is to promote responsible driver and passenger behaviour in order to reduce deaths and injuries on the roads.

The programme is an annual event which targets young people (16-25 years) from secondary schools and colleges. It looks at and encourages good driving practices; covering issues such as speeding and seatbelt wearing and use of mobile phones whilst driving. It also covers consequences of poor driving such as living with an injury following a crash and the impact this has on the individual and wider friends, family and community. Delivered by members of the emergency services, victims of accidents and their families, speaking about their experiences was an emotional day for all involved.

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