New CEO announcement

Spinal Injuries Scotland (SIS), is a Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO) and a leading peer support organsation for people with Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI), their families and carers.  We are a charity that wants to make a difference in society. We are ambitious to achieve positive change so that people with a spinal cord injury can live their daily lives in a more equal environment. We are a national organisation with a membership and peer support reach throughout Scotland.

The Board of SIS is pleased to announce that Maureen Morrison has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the charity.  Maureen, former Operations Manager for SIS, will take the charity through our five-year strategy. This is a crucial stage for our charity as we grow and develop to meet our member’s needs.

Maureen has an SCI and offers valuable lived experience as well as a wealth of knowledge built up from listening to our members, our stakeholders (including the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit) and those who turn to us for support. 

When Maureen had her SCI in 2007, life for her changed for forever but she was determined that her injury was not going to hold her back. Maureen joined the charity in 2013 as a trustee and then in 2017 progressed to the operations side. In the last few years she has capably steered us through the pandemic, ensuring support services remained available. In her time as Operations Manager, Maureen has been key to our fundraising activities, allowing us to ensure financial stability at challenging times.

As part of the strategy, the charity will be recruiting a new Operations Manager who will work with Maureen to grow, strengthen and deliver our strategy and strategic aims through our Peer Support Networks, staff team and membership. Our core principle remains supporting and meeting the needs of our members, their families and carers.

Lucy McOuat