Spinal Injuries Scotland are delighted to welcome this one woman whirlwind - Michelle Anna Moffatt - to our Team of Ambassadors. 

She has supported the charity with her fundraising efforts in 2022 and has inspired many with her story. 

Our ambassadors represent the charity in lots of different ways in raising awareness of the needs our members living with a spinal Cord injury. 

Welcome to the Team Michelle!


“Hi guys! My name is Michelle, I am 41 years old (don’t tell anyone) and I have a spinal injury due to Cauda Equina Syndrome and post operative clot.

I am L1 incomplete. I was a registered nurse working in Intensive Care prior to my injury. In honesty, the first 2 years post operative I was in denial. I did not want a wheelchair, I was so depressed. I became suicidal and when I found Spinal Injuries Scotland, I realised I have a life - and a purpose.

Adapting to spinal cord injury is not easy, but I promise you can learn to accept the new body you are in. Spinal Injuries  Scotland were pivotal to my recovery.

I now hand cycle, I’m still a registered nurse and I have my own business.

It is okay not to be okay…… and it is normal to struggle. However, this amazing charity have saved my life…….. and I want to help others too!

I’m honoured to be an ambassador for a charity who genuinely strive to help as many living with spinal injury as possible….. regardless of reason.”

Michelle Moffatt

Keep an eye out for Michelle, she'll be doing al ot for us in the coming months!!