Mental Health Awareness Week

15th - 21st May

This year’s Mental Health Week’s theme is Anxiety.

As we all reflect on Covid-19 Pandemic; we are changed in some aspects of life.

Anxiety isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can spur us on, help us stay alert, make us aware of risks and motivate us to solve problems.

There is no shame in being anxious or slightly worried about getting back to some sort of normality post Covid-19. Anxiety is based on fear.  It could be fear getting back out there or as we watch the news, we get even more concerned about the cost of living, war and environmental issues.

If anxiety is affecting your everyday living, it may be wise to get some support from your health professionals or look at some online resources.

We have given some resources below. In the meantime, we share our Member, Julie Flockhart’s poem on Anxiety, which resonated with us.

Please do not feel alone if anxiety is becoming a barrier to your life.

By Julie Flockhart 

She never lets on,
She passes me by with a wave of her hand,
I ask her how she is and every time I see her I say ”Hello”,
She just carries on walking on down my street where I live,
Maybe one day she might say a “Hello” just in reply,
But she never poses the question or an answer nor reply nor a “Good bye”,
Days go on, and I follow the same old questions of how do you dos – with still no response,
I have now decided to myself that I will leave this all for the time being of trying hard to be
She doesn’t want to even acknowledge me or be friendly neighbours,
So, I go about my business and I am starting to feel quite anxious,
For I have had Covid-19 a few times and my mind is starting to feel quite uneasy,
I worry too much about other people and including myself,
I don’t want to talk to anyone today,
I see the woman again,
I can’t face the opportunity of being ignored again,
So, I hide behind my shopping and I pretend that I am really not there,
My bags are all pulled onto my lap as I get out of my car and into my wheelchair,
She huddles over in front of me,
I am so in shock - I don’t know what to say,
Then my anxiety hits me all of a sudden – I don’t know what to do,
Then she says “ You know I’m just like you in many ways, except my disability is hidden,”
That instance - I just couldn’t say a word,
And she said, “In many ways we are both so different. But in many ways I’m a lot like you."


Some resources that may help: – self help books on anxiety