The holiday season is often synonymous with warmth, joy, and togetherness. However, for those in the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit, the challenges of navigating through the festivities can be overwhelming. 

This year, amidst the Glasgow winter, the Spinal Injuries Scotland team has been on a mission to infuse the spinal unit with the true spirit of Christmas, bringing not just tinsel and lights, but a genuine sense of community and joy.

On the 14th December, SIS hosted a fantastic social night with an evening of live music, bingo and Pizza.

Bringing Festive joy to the event in a surprise guest appearance, Santa (Chris Stewart, Digby Brown Solicitors) and his elf (SIS's Graeme Stewart) brought smiles to every face, momentarily lifting heavy hearts and creating a magical atmosphere within the unit.


Chris Stewart's involvement in the surprise visit goes beyond the red suit. As a partner at Digby Brown Solicitors, Chris has been an advocate for those with spinal injuries, understanding the unique challenges they face. His personal connection to the cause made Santa's visit even more meaningful

As Santa and his elf departed, leaving behind a trail of laughter and goodwill, the spinal unit was left with a lasting reminder that the holiday spirit is resilient.

Thanks also to Volunteer elves Keira, Maureen & Douglas for lending helping hands on the night.