We're 60 years old! Technically we are 61 years old, however, as we never managed to celebrate in style in 2020 liked we hoped we are having a "Do-over Year".

Spinal Injuries Scotland was initially formed as the Scottish Paraplegic Association in 1960. Later its name changed to the Scottish Spinal Cord Injury Association, as its focus developed from purely sport into dealing with other aspects of living with the injury.

In 1994 we became Spinal Injuries Scotland and since then our focus has been primarily education, advice and support for people with a spinal cord injury, their family, friends and those that care for them.

To celebrate our 60th anniversary year we are inviting you to join us in the 60 years challenge. 

The 60 year Challenge can be any activity you like so long as it involves the number 60 (or 6, 600, 0.6...) – from running for 60 minutes to learning 60 new words in another language or doing 60 press-ups, the options are endless!

Whatever your age or ability, you can take part.