For nearly 60 years we have relied on the generosity and support of ordinary members of the public to allow us to continue with our vital work. Our motto is “Backing you for life “ which means that our Peer Support Volunteers are there for people with spinal injuries, not just in the hospital, but back home in their community, as they struggle to come to terms with a life changing condition. As a charity we rely on Volunteers most of whom have a spinal injury, to provide one to one support. We receive some funding from the Scottish Government towards our core costs, but are not funded by the NHS, and although we are supported by grants from Trusts and Foundations, our ever increasing membership, demand for our services, and increasing costs, means we are constantly struggling to make ends meet.

Whichever way you decide to support Spinal Injuries Scotland, please know that your gift will be really making a difference, supporting the services of Spinal Injuries Scotland can offer to those with a Spinal  Cord Injury

You can help maintain and improve on this vital service by making a one-off or regular donation via the donation button below